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Our Club

Various parts of this website describe our purpose, our philosophy, our history, our events, etc. Here, we briefly cover who we are and some of the things we enjoy doing.

Our Membership

Our members span all ages. This is truly a family-oriented club with as many as four generations of a family being members. Members contribute in different ways, such as being part of our adult or children's dance group or being non-dancing member who attend our meetings, support our events, or bring children to dance and learn.

What We Do

While we work hard on common causes and to host public events, we enjoy doing so and have the satisfaction of sustaining German culture and sharing it with others. This includes being hired to to bring Bavarian dancing to others. Our practices and meetings are gatherings of friends many of us call extended family. We hold social events over the year such as holiday parties, picnics, and annual dinners. To all of this, we bring and share traditions. Each time we march off the dance floor, there is a satisfaction of a job well done, sharing our culture, entertaining others, and being part of a group.

Wait, There's More!

On this one page, we can only provide an inkling of what we do. So, visit the links in the menu on this page, visit our Events or Contact Us pages and check us out on Social Media:

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Lastly, if so inclined, see Supporting Us to learn about sponsorship opportunities.