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Our Home Page provides an overview of Our Mission, 501(c)(3) status, and our activities such as practices and events. Here, please select from one of the menu items on the left or above to learn more about various aspects of our club.

The heritage of our club and our early members is one rooted in varied forms of dance including international folk dancing and square dancing. At square dance evenings at the Wyckoff Grange in Wyckoff, NJ, in the late 1940s and early 1950s, folk dances were played during band breaks, and our early members learned and enjoyed international folk dancing. Early members were involved in other German and dance-oriented organizations such as German theatrical club, a county dance group, and others. Please see Our History for details.

Today, we continue that tradition, playing folk dances at the band breaks of our events such as Oktoberfest and Strauss Ball. We encourage audience participation in these. We do a Grand March and often a Quadrille at our Strauss Balls. We have brought Irish dancing to Irish-Bayerish events. We have brought the joy of these types of dancing to over 4 generations over 60 plus years.

When our early members decided to focus on being an authentic Bavarian Schuhplattler Verien, they also knew that this needed to be done properly. With the help of our Patenverein Bayern Verein Newark, we learned Schuhplattler and related dances. Our founding president and Ehren Vorplattler Bob Donnelly taught many of the dances we still do today. Yes, that is an Irish name, and our club brought authentic German culture and traditions to the mixed nationalities that participated in the various forms of international folk dancing.

Please peruse aspects of our club provided in the menu and feel free to Contact Us to get involved, either in joining us or attending our public events.

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