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2021 Virtual Strauss Ball

Due to state restrictions, we will not be able to host an in-person Strauss Ball in 2021. Join us for our first ever Virtual Strauss Ball on February 27, 2021.

An informal happy hour starts at 6:30pm, so bring your favorite cocktail and join us. The actual event will take place from 7pm to 8pm. Clear space for a dance floor and be dressed in your finest formalwear or period costume!

To participate, please email us at edelweissstraussball@gmail.com and include your names. It is free! Details on joining will be emailed to those that sign up. Hope you can attend!

Plans for 2022

We are planning to hold our usual live event on February 26, 2022. Save the date and check back later for details. Email edelweissstraussball@gmail.com to be on our mailing list.