Newsletter: Fall 2018  

Gaufest 2017

  • Gaufest 2017 Edelweiss Group Photo
  • Edelweiss Passaic 2017 Gau Team
  • Christine-Ed-Kelly
  • Christine-Kelly
  • Ed - Ellen 2nd place metals
  • Gau Team Women
  • Kids
  • Kids
  • Madeline-Joe
  • Michael-Barbara
  • Monika-Allison
  • Peter - Rosemary
  • Three Blind Mice
  • Barbara just before competition
  • Christiana
  • Gaufest 2017- Schafkopf
  • Ed
  • Do you know which purse is yours?
  • Mike
  • Gau Team Men
  • Gau Team
  • Gau Banquet Table
  • Monika
  • Monika - Colin - Kevin
  • Eva - Ty
  • What a lovely boquet!!!
  • Sandy
  • Betty - Joe
  • Schafkopf Award Presentation
  • Robbie with Schafkopf Award and Trophy
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  • Gary
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Edelweiss-Passaic, Inc, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 1957 in Passaic County, New Jersey, for cultural, charitable and educational purposes. We promote and foster the heritage and culture of Bavaria, as well as other regions of Germany, Austria, and other European countries, through its customs and traditions, folk dancing, folk music and ethnic costumes.

We rehearse, both adults and children, weekly at the American Legion Hall in Hawthorne, and hold annual events at the Pompton Lakes Elks.  We hold our monthly general meetings at the Fairfield VFW. 

We wear traditional Bavarian costume and perform Bavarian Schuhplattler dances and other European folk dances.  We perform mostly in New Jersey but also in neighboring states and compete in Gaufests hosted by the Gauverband Nordamerika.

Please contact us to add some authentic Bavarian entertainment to your event. We love to dance!



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